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Should the U.S. Become Socialist?

Socialism in the United States is an increasingly popular topic. Some argue that the country should actively move toward socialism to spur social progress and greater equity, while others demand that the country prevent this by any and all means necessary. This subject is often brought up in connection with universal healthcare and free college education, ideas that are socialist by definition, or as a general warning against leftist politics. For more on American socialism, explore the ProCon debate.

PRO (yes)

CON (no)


Joe Biden:

“Another prediction — that is my favorite one, I must add — is that if I got elected, I’d bring the end to capitalism. (Laughs.) I never understood that one, but we’ve heard — we’ve heard it an awful lot. Well, in six months into my administration, the U.S. economy has experienced the highest economic growth rate in nearly 40 years….

I issued a major executive order promoting fair and open competition, which is the cornerstone — the cornerstone of American capitalism, banning non-compete clauses that suppress workers’ wages; lowering the price of things like hearing aids, prescription drugs, Internet service; along with dozens of other actions. Folks, it turns out capitalism is alive and very well. We’re making serious progress to ensure that it works the way it’s supposed to work: for the good of the American people.”


White House, “Remarks by President Biden on the Economy,”, July 19, 2021


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.:

“Nobody wants to live on the government dole. We don’t have free-market capitalism in this country, we have corporate crony capitalism. We have a system of cushy socialism for the super-rich and this brutal, savage, merciless capitalism for the poor. And it’s all designed to strip-mine the middle class in this country of all their equity, all of their assets and move it to the upper echelons. And the COVID lockdowns were the final straw. Under COVID lockdowns, we created a billionaire a day and this was Trump and Biden — 500 days of lockdowns — we created a billionaire a day. We moved $4 trillion from the middle class to the super-rich.”


Ian Schwartz, “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: We Have Cushy Socialism for the Super Rich and Savage, Merciless Capitalism for the Poor,”, July 25, 2023


Donald Trump:

“Socialism destroys nations. But always remember: Freedom unifies the soul.”


New York Times, “Full Transcript: Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address,”, Feb 5, 2020