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Results from the Nevada Republican Caucus:

1. Donald Trump 99.2%
2. Ryan Binkley 0.08%
*Nikki Haley did not participate in the Nevada caucus.

Results from the Virgin Islands Republican Caucus:

1. Donald Trump 74.0%
2. Nikki Haley 26.0%

Results from the Nevada Primary:

Democratic candidates:
1. Joe Biden 89.3%
2. “None of These Candidates” 5.8%
3. Marianne Williamson 2.9%

Republican candidates:
1. “None of These Candidates” 62.9%
2. Nikki Haley 30.8%
*Donald Trump did not participate in the Nevada primary.

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Top 2024 Presidential Candidates

Democratic Party

Republican Party

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order. Click for inclusion criteria and other candidates.

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Candidate Issues to Date

Candidate Inclusion Criteria

Presidential candidates tracked by ProCon must:

1. Be legally eligible to become U.S. President.

2. File all of the proper paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and receive an FEC Candidate ID number.

3a. Exceed $5,000,000 in campaign contributions (excluding personal loans from the candidate)


b. Exceed $10,000,000 in campaign contributions (including personal loans from the candidate and at least $1,500,000 in individual contributions)


c. Win the national political party nomination for US president in one of the four parties whose candidates received over 250,000 votes in the 2020 presidential election (Democrat, Green, Libertarian, and Republican).

When a candidate officially drops out of the race, we will no longer add information about them to the site. As the election proceeds, the criteria may change to reflect the democratic process.

Other Presidential Candidates

These candidates, though popular in the media, have not yet met ProCon’s criteria for tracking them in detail or have dropped out of the race. For a list of all 2024 candidates, consult the Federal Election Commission.

Democratic Party

Dean Phillips

Marianne Williamson (dropped out)

Republican Party

Doug Burgum (dropped out)

Chris Christie (dropped out)

Ron DeSantis (dropped out)

Larry Elder (dropped out)

Asa Hutchinson (dropped out)

Mike Pence (dropped out)

Vivek Ramaswamy (dropped out)

Tim Scott (dropped out)

Other Parties

Cornel West

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