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Should the Use of Private Prisons Continue?

Prison privatization generally operates in one of three ways: 1. Private companies provide services to a government-owned and managed prison, such as building maintenance, food supplies, or vocational training; 2. Private companies manage government-owned facilities; or 3. Private companies own and operate the prisons and charge the government to house inmates. For more on private prisons, explore the ProCon debate.

PRO (yes)


Donald Trump:

Editors’ Note: The Trump administration more than doubled the Obama administration’s spending on private prisons, largely for immigrant detention, according to a Newsweek analysis of government data.


Source for Editors’ Note: Chantal Da Silva, “Trump Administration Has Doubled Private Prison Spending With Most Money Spent on Detaining Immigrants: ‘They Are Not a Threat to Public Safety,’ Advocates Say,”, Sep. 25, 2019

CON (no)


Joe Biden:

“The federal government should not use private facilities for any detention, including detention of undocumented immigrants.”

Editors’ Note: Biden signed an executive order on Jan. 21, 2021, which states: “The Attorney General shall not renew Department of Justice contracts with privately operated criminal detention facilities.”


Lauren-Brooke Eisen, “Breaking Down Biden’s Order to Eliminate DOJ Private Prison Contracts,”, Aug. 27, 2021
Source for Editors’ Note: White House, “Executive Order on Reforming Our Incarceration System to Eliminate the Use of Privately Operated Criminal Detention Facilities,”, Jan. 21, 2021

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr:

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